Reaching out to the lost and hurting
with the love of God!

House of Grace Ministries
Changing the world, one person at a time!
Michael & Brenda Soldan
This year has been one of our greatest times for ministry yet!  We have been able to reach many of the homeless in our community with basic needs such as food (including meals provided and served at the local soup kitchen), Shelter from the Cold program, clothing, transportation and assistance with housing.  It has been an honor to see many lives get put back on course, restoring dignity to the individual.

Another branch of House of Grace is our Prison Ministry.  We volunteer at state correctional facilities with music and bible studies.  We work with prison Chaplains to help equip inmates with the necessary tools to share the good news.  Materials such as bibles, study literature and chapel equipment have been donated through The House of Grace.  These types of donations live on and affect many lives.

House of Grace Ministries is a charitable non-profit organization that works to bridge the gap to get a person back on their feet, addressing both practical and spiritual needs.


Brenda, Chaplain Angelo Calabrese & Mike


" Shelter from the Cold"