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Wherever life's circumstances may have brought you, know that you are not alone. 

Other women have been there & want you to draw from their prayers & strengths!

Women, know that there are awesome treasures and gifts inside each of you!

Warrior Women of the Word

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Warrior Women of the Word

Hello Ladies,

I just want to send a few words and bring encouragement to you today.  For those of you who were at our last Warrior Women Breakfast gathering, I want you to know that every single prayer request continues to be prayed over by our team.  What a special time we had together! The glory of the Lord surely was in that place and lives and situations were changed by the mighty hand of our God!

For those who truly seek the Lord, you know that we are in a season of change, a transition where you may feel out of sorts, but that’s okay!  Let the Lord rock your world!  You will be stepping out from what is familiar into uncharted waters, but don’t worry, remember who walks with you and who has orchestrated the change.  It’s all about God’s plan’s and purposes being accomplished on the earth for such a time as this.  These are serious, but glorious times.  God does not expect us to fully understand Him and His ways, but He does expect us to fully trust Him (Prov. 3:5-6). Now, more than ever we must go deeper into His Presence and live our lives as written in Psm 91.

The Lord spoke something to me that I have recently shared with a few of my sisters in the Lord and it also brought confirmation to them.  It’s about new assignments.  He impressed upon my heart that I/we must finish all existing unfinished assignments FIRST.  Many things have been started, but they need to be finished in order to receive and act on new marching orders.  When this is done, our thoughts, our focus will only be on the new as we get rid of the old.  This is very similar to the military.  Commanders cannot send their soldiers out into new territory when there is unfinished business at their current location.

What exciting times for those serving the Lord – those that are true disciples of Jesus Christ. Expect an increase of salvations and miracles as you step out and take back what the enemy has stolen!  Get ready to soar higher!

Remember to take time for you!   

          May God richly bless you!

                                               In His Service,

                                                                      Your sister in the Lord,


LADIES - Because of the Covid 19 virus, we will not be having a Warrior Women meeting until it is safe to do so! 

We love you you and look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!